Presidential Wireless Alert System

Alert History

Wednesday October 3rd, 2018
THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No Action is needed.

Opt Out of Presidential Alerts?

How to Opt Out
Currently there is no way to Opt Out or turn off these alerts.
Current known work around for scheduled tests is to turn on Airplane Mode just before and after announced Date/Time of the scheduled test.

Brief History of the Wireless Emergency Alert System

The Wireless Emergency Alert system is a emergency message system that was deployed by and with collaboration between several local and federal agencies, to do just that 'send emergency messages directly to you via your mobile phone'. A bill was passed authorising the FCC to develop the standards for WEA in 2006, and the system has been fully operational since 2012. With a maximum of 90-characters there is 4 types of messages currently broadcast: extreme weather warnings, local emergencies, AMBER (child abduction) alerts, and Presidential emergency messages. The messages are delivered to any WEA-capable phone within a certain radius. The messages are a open broadcast from the all or local cell towers. WEA messages are turned on by default, with the exception of Presidential Messages all other messages can be potentially disabled.